We provide start-up's,warranty service, and normal service in an effort to be "single-source" for our customers. If we are the one's that start up your equipment, provide warranty service, and then normal service after your warranty period, then we can guarantee your equipment costs are as low as possible. There is no finger pointing as we are responsible from the beginning! This single-source responsibility is critical when looking to control your repair costs.

Normal Equipment Life Cycle
We understand that regardless of who you purchase new equipment from, you expect it to work. It is very frustrating for equipment to break, as it causes you headaches and your customers do not get the experience they deserve at your restaurant. When equipment is under the factory warranty period, we want to fix the equipment at no cost to you and bill the factory for any repairs that fall under the warranty that came with your equipment. 

 Just like automobiles, each manufacturer has a different warranty and these warranties covers different things for different time periods. Atlanta Refrigeration Service is contracted by most equipment manufacturers to provide service on your equipment. (similar to the local car dealer servicing your car when it is under warranty).

Need Warranty Service?  No Problem!

If you believe your equipment is under warranty and would like us to help, just give one of our local branch offices a call.  Warranty service requires a little more work on everyone's part, but working together, we can get your equipment fixed at no cost to you!  A few important things to remember when requesting service on your equipment when it is in the warranty period.

    We will need the model and serial number of your equipment when you call in to place a service call. We will use this information to help confirm that the item is still in the warranty period with the manufacturer.  
    In some cases, we might need the installation date, or when you started using the equipment. This is needed sometimes when it is close to the end of your warranty. We can go by installation date to get you some more time!  
    When our technician arrives at site, he will provide diagnosis and attempt to repair the equipment. At that time he will also verify that the repair is elligable for warranty submission to the manufactuer (many warranties do not cover customer mis-usage or customer caused damage).  
    Hopefully we can get it repaired right then and there. If we need parts, we must contact the manufactuer and follow strict guidelines they have in place of how and where we can get replacement parts. We must follow thier rules as we are going to do everything we can to get them to pay for the repair! If we do not cooperate with them, they will deny the repair and you will be responsible for the bill.  
    Once we get the equipment working, we will submit the repairs to the manufacturer. They have the final say so when it comes to if the repairs are covered under warranty and they will pay them or if they will deny the coverage. In cases where they deny warranty coverage, or only cover part of the repair bills, Atlanta Refrigeration will bill you for the difference. Please be aware that if we send you an invoice, it is due to the manufactuer denying the warranty claim.