Atlanta Ice Company is the #1 ice delivery company in the Metro Atlanta area.  They offer our customers a discount on the great service they provide.  Usually out in under 2 hours, they really understand what service is all about.  

Why do you need ice if ARS is on the way to fix your machine?

The typical ice machine repair takes a few hours.  Once your machine is running again, it only makes a small amount of ice each hour.  If you have no ice in your bin and its your lunch rush, your machine can not keep up.  So a good rule of thumb, is if when you call us for service and you have 1/2 of a bin or less in ice, getting some emergency ice is a good idea to make sure you keep your customers happy until the machine has time to catch up with your ice demand!

When placing your service call with Atlanta Refrigeration, just let our agent know you need some ice and we will get Atlanta Ice Company out there for you.  This saves you the time of making the call and also is 1 less bill to pay as we will just add the cost of the ice repair bill!  


How much ice do you need?  

Use the Atlanta Ice Company handy ice estimator by clicking here.


Emergency Ice Delivery

It's just that. No matter when you need us for ice, we will be there for you. Whether you are a restaurant, bar, bakery, cement company, or any other industry, Atlanta Ice understands that when you are out of ice, it is critical and we treat it like an emergency.

Our emergency ice service operates in a way similar to a taxicab or pizza delivery business. You do not have to be an existing Atlanta Ice customer. Any time you need ice, we will deliver from 400 pounds of ice to 20 tons, all within 120 minutes from the time you place your order by phone or our online ordering system. It's that simple!

With a fully equipped GPS-tracked fleet, we know where our drivers are and they know where you are at all times. This-means fast, efficient service.


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