The ARS Call Log Advantage
We use a custom designed on-line software application that allows our customers to see in REAL Time the status of the service request they have placed.  Customers can also search history on equipment, review invoices, and see what bills are paid and un-paid. 

Our system, known as "call log", also helps us communicate clearly with our customers and our employees.  Using an advanced task management engine, our techs are dispatched to service calls through our call log. 

Each of our techs has a computer with high-speed secure connections to call log so that they may look at customer information, history, and also technical references while on-site.  From looking at previous visits to our customer site, to full electrical schematics from the factory, our techs have the tools needed to complete the job right the first time!

Call log also makes it possible for us to provide computer generated invoices in REAL time to our customers when we complete the service call.  No more trying to read tech handwriting, our invoices are clearly printed and clearly priced.  We also have the ability to fax, e-mail, or mail copies of invoices to the address of choice by our customers.

Our technology is ONE OF A KIND.  Custom Built by ARS, it is exclusively used by ARS customers.
As we have grown, we have continued to provide personalized service to our customers, and the call-log is technology that allows us to do this.  Our system was built to allow for extreme customization on how we interact with each customer, so we know if you like your invoices sent to your restaurant and corporate office, or just your restaurant, or maybe to a third party.  We know if you like us to call ahead before we come out to service your equipment and if you like follow-up calls to make sure things are running as you expected!
To find out more about our technology, please contact us and we will provide you with a demo and show you how using ARS and our technology, we can provide you personalized service and help you control your repair costs!